• Sponsored Programs Office

    Grants at Hamline has been renamed the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO). This new name comes alone with several exciting new support practices and initiatives. The Sponsored Programs Office will strategically support increased awareness, activity and grant proposal preparation which enhances educational excellence and research. The office will provide support and leadership through the lifespan of a project beginning with opportunity exploration, grant writing assistance and budgeting, through financial and other compliance to project close out.  Here are some of the ways we can help:

    • Provide information about internal and external grant opportunities
    • Help you develop your project
    • Provide access to our Grant Writing and Compliance library
    • Explore your research and project interests
    • Guide you through Hamline internal sponsored program approval process for seeking external funds
    • Help you develop your funding  proposal
    • In some cases, contract with grant writers or editors to assist in you project proposal
    • Help you develop your grant budget and budget rationale
    • Help you connect with colleagues for support in research design
    • Provide input and feedback for your IRB application
    • Help you in the internal proposal approval process and  grant application submission
    • Provide ideas for seeking institutional support
    • Help you manage your award and compliance requirements with support in completing paperwork, reconciling and tracking your budget, reporting, hiring students and staff, etc.

    Please contact us at sponsoredprograms@hamline.edu if you have a need not listed here.