• Guidelines for Consulting with ASP Tutors about Legal Writing Assignments

    If you wish to consult with an Academic Success Tutor about your work on a Legal Writing assignment, the following guidelines will apply:

    1. Tutors will seek to be fair and consistent about their work with all their writing students, and they will use their judgment to determine what assistance will be most helpful for you. Tutors will use their discretion to prioritize issues that need discussion, set limits (possibly beyond the general ones stated here) on what it is appropriate for them to do in a given situation, and refer you to your Legal Writing Instructor when they determine that a question is more appropriately answered by your instructor.
    2. Tutors may give feedback about writing issues (including such things as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and organization). They may also give feedback about a range of legal writing assignment issues, including reading and understanding cases, using cases, thinking through legal analysis and synthesis, developing and supporting arguments, and planning and pursuing legal research. Be aware, however, that there may be more than one acceptable way to approach various aspects of an assignment. You are the one responsible for following the format rules and other instructions provided by your Legal Writing Instructor. If you have any concerns about whether the tutor's advice fits with your instructor's expectations, it is your responsibility to check with your instructor. In addition, if you have any concerns about whether you understood your tutor's recommendations, it is your responsibility to check with your instructor.
    3. You must bring specific questions or concerns to your tutoring session. Tutors will not read your document to look for "anything that could be done better." Tutors also will not be able to go through your memo line by line.
    4. Tutors will not proofread documents or check citations in documents.
    5. Please be aware that tutor schedules may fill up even before the standard cut-off date and time. Please plan ahead and schedule in advance if you think you would like to consult with a tutor.